12 thoughts on “My murloc impression goes mobile

  1. Now THAT’s funny. And slightly disturbing. Hmm, I think I’d like a ringtone of you and Molly saying “Ubuntu”. Ooobooontooo.

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  3. Well, I’d love to claim credit for that, but I just didn’t have the chance to put mine on YouTube… just email it to Veronica… it’s my SMS tone, and I love it… it’s got Molly laughing at the end!

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  5. Just for the record.

    I was at my grandma’s house this afternoon, my cellphone started to ring. She heard and said:

    “I think there’s some animal on my living room…”

    Next Ringtone: GUBA GUBA GUBA!

  6. Ohhh shnap! I was so going to do that but it seems someone has taken my idea….

    Once I get a new phone that actually works correctly ( in 2 years when contract ends ) I’m going to put the OMGZ BUNNIES thing on it… that is just sweet…

    (P.S. – I saw the VW Bunny (Rabbit) Commercial.. so awesome ^^ )

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