Burning Crusade launch

Last night I went to the Burning Crusade launch in Sunnyvale, and I took some video. Thanks again to Dan, and the crew from the PC Gamer podcast, who wonderfully gave me a ride to and from. I’m not sure what’s up with the weird syncing issue here with the audio – it sounds and looks fine in the original. If you have any idea why, let me know!

I’m editing my unboxing vid of the Burning Crusade Collector’s Edition. All done! Check it out below. I should be installing it, but instead I’ve spent all night videotaping it. Hope you like them!

24 thoughts on “Burning Crusade launch

  1. Grr. I got my regular expansion today via Amazon. No game stores in this neck of the woods!

    No one had the collectors edition online!! Sold out!!

    Where was your Netherdrake??

  2. oh yea on your video issue.. I think I know why. It maybe just youtube.com. How many fps did you use when you compressed it?

    if you want to send me the file. Let me know. I can probably change it up for you.

    let me know at cunas4@hotmail.com before you send it. because depending on the size I may have you send it to my gmail


  3. whenever i export a video as WMV using DivX compression, and then upload it to Youtube, i usually get that audio sync problem. i think youtube’s flash converting software doesnt like a certain type of video setting when you upload; be it fps, the compression system used or the file format exported as, it’s a mystery to me..

    oh, and wooot for WoW:BC !!! :)

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  5. Very cool unboxing of the collector’s edition and coverage of Burning Crusades launch!

    It’s so crazy that the one guy had a generator powering his kit while in line.

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  7. Sweet, I also got mine from Bestbuy and I was the first one to get the BC Collector’s Edition on Jan 16 1000AM EST….. Only waited 2 hrs before the store opened up and There was nobody there…
    Talk about luck…..I didn’t even preorder one…
    I’ma HAPPY camper…..

  8. Awesome! I’m gonna make this my college graduation present. At the moment, I can’t afford to play this game financially and academically (my grades would surely plummet).

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