32 thoughts on “McRobot

  1. lol, that made my day. but why did you have to keep poking it to make it walk more? that’s not good motivation for a happy-meal-based-robot you know. may i suggest shouting slogans like “max the envelope!”, “feel the burn!” and so on…

  2. Now for the “Crazed Stalker” commentary…like the haircut! Or are you Veronica’s twin sister Denise?

  3. You know what would be cool? If you did a Crave or Prizefight video with… yourself! Pre- and post-haircut, that is! It would be like Samantha and Serena on Bewitched… those 70′s special effects were CRAZY! Sorry, I’m drunk.

  4. That’s the coolest of the bunch. We had a tiny relapse back into junkfoodland and wound up going to McD’s twice last month– got the talking V2 and the pull-back reptile. He has the cheap-o version of the RS V1, so now we gotta go get this guy. You know, to complete the “family” ;)

    thanks– another excuse to get our grease on.

  5. The new hair is great. You look more sophisticated. You look like you’ve been losing weight. Don’t get too thin. Have a good one!

    P.S. I voted for you on Valleywag!

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  7. Hey V,

    Yyou have bony fingers, you know that? Just thought you’d like to know.


    - NL

  8. Was this the day Molly yelled at you on-air about your eating McDonald’s? Hah! See? You got a fancy new robot and she got… oh, uh.. maternity leave.

    I want a robot.

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