ELR tonight!!

I’m so excited! I get to be on my favorite podcast tonight, ExtraLife Radio! It’s another great show hosted by Scott from The Instance (who’s also in my guild in WoW, alea iacta est).

I’ll be recording the show at 7PM PST, and I’ll also be on my Stickam (see widget to your right in my sidebar) live during the recording. So will Scott, and it should be a lot of fun! I’m excited, and also strangely nervous.

16 thoughts on “ELR tonight!!

  1. Neuroman, ELR is a PODcast, not a Vodcast. And it’s spelled… you’re as in YOU ARE not youR as in the possesive sense. Please go straight up to your room and review your homework for the week.

  2. I just listened and burst out laughing when Brian said “BOOBS” in the end there. People at work were looking at me wondering what I was laughing at.

  3. In spite of your nervousness you did great. Plus it was amusing to watch you guys tape it live, though the audio never matched the video, so it was a little weird.

    Also, it amused me every time O said your name: “Vair-on-eek-ah”.

  4. Do you want to know more? Latin locution is “alea jacta est”, not “alea iacta est” … if it’s not including some kind of private joke :-)

  5. If you are getting sick of the Wii, you should get Super Paper Mario. It has a very long intro, but it is SO FUN.

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