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I love my job, I really do. But if the Mythbusters ever decided they needed a female host (that knows absolutely nothing about mixing ballistics gel or building samurai robots) it would give me a moments pause. Ryan and I have become obsessed with Mythbusters – we probably watch two or three episodes a day now, or at least try to. We quote them in daily conversation (“I reject your reality and substitute my own!”), I have a huge girl-crush on Kari (how are you so freakin’ smart, dammit!) and I wish that Jamie and Adam were my surrogate fathers. Or maybe my awesome, crazy uncles.

I do, fortunately, have a couple of ties to the show:

This is a photo of the Mythbusters’ van in front of my apartment, about a year ago. I have no idea why they were there, but I was very excited. I didn’t see anyone from the Build Team, though. Sigh.

We also had Grant Imahara on Buzz Out Loud once to talk about cell phones on airplanes, and if they’re dangerous or not.
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And finally, my favorite ninja in the world was on!

Basically, this is the greatest show on television. If you’re not watching it (of your own free will, anyway), I would almost say that you can’t really call yourself a true geek. This show rocks. OK, obsessive fangirl babble is done, thank you for listening.

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  1. I enjoy the Mythbusters, though I find their scientific method to be a bit lacking at times. Kari rules!

    Maybe you should hook up with those guys to produce a show where they are your crazy uncles and every week you are going on wacky adventures and only science gets you out of whatever the jam of the week would be. You would be the Penny to their Inspector Gadget.

  2. *hangs head in shame

    V says I’m not a true geek. Or was that I can’t call myself a true geek :)
    I would watch it if I had TV reception/cable. Is wanting to watch it good enough?
    I haven’t really looked, is the show available via the internet? I know that ABC and NBC shows are available. You’ve peaked my interest. I’ll check around. Heavens knows that if I lose my geek status I won’t have much left. Is junkyard wars still on? I loved that show.

  3. Yay! V says I can call myself a true geek :)
    Awesome show, I don’t watch it as often as I’d like since when it comes on doesn’t always mesh with my schedule, but always watch it when I can.

  4. i also have a huge girl-crush on kari…. im much more confortable with this than my previous huge guy-crush on jamie.

  5. I’m pretty much like you. I loved Mythbusters, I even bought a DVD with a few episodes on it.
    I always wanted to do what they do but I have no idea how to do that either.
    And I also have a crush on Kari. She’s pretty. :)

  6. JoshSHill: I thought I was the only one. :)

    Anyway – I have set up my MediaPortal to record Mythbusters on Discoery. I stopped watching it, because most of the stuff on was reruns. Well, here on Discovery Denmark anyway. Maybe they fixed it?

    Once again, V get me started at something that waste my time. ;)

  7. Davor: you only found one typo? :) That was a whole string of typo’s – which makes it “Leet”, see this:


    To be really honest, i didn’t know this either until V explained it to me :) Leet’s a bit like wine: you have to experience it a few times before you learn to enjoy it – and some people get so addicted to it that they start applying it too much. Still, when used in moderation, it can be quite funny!

  8. @Davor: I think you’re missing the point that all Lolcats, in their childlike naivité, haven’t yet grasped the fundamental grammar of the english language and are therefore perpetually trapped in a state of infantile cuteness.

  9. The ep where they vaporized the cement mixer was just the shiz. I’ve been hooked ever since then. Blowing stuff up always makes for good old-fashioned TV. ;)

  10. Yes!! I’m in college and I think I learn more from watching Mythbusters than I do from any of my classes! Definitely an addictive show. My TiVo keeps accumulating them and I always think I’ve seen them all, but there’s SO MANY episodes and new ones coming out all the time, I’ll never be bored!

    Also, great cat meme pic!! Looks just like Jamie Hyneman. ;)

  11. Agreed, Mythbusters is pretty much the best TV show ever!
    Interesting to hear the BOL interview with Grant, too… I didn’t hear that back when it happened.

    And yes, it’s working, it was the “” on BOL that brought me here! :)

  12. I ditched cable back in September, and this is the ONE show that I REALLY, REALLY miss. Besides American Chopper and Dog The Bounty Hunter. But to be honest, I really hate tv, and honestly can’t afford cable. Of course I have ways of getting my Mythbusters fix, legal of course ;)

    You rock!

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