Batman: The Dark Knight

I loved (loved!) Batman Begins, mainly because Christopher Nolan is an awesome director and Christian Bale is the prefect Batman. For me, anyway. I resisted watching it for a very long time, because I had spent my life being embarrassed for most of the Batman flicks, but Ryan and Eric convinced me that this was the one worth seeing.

batmanSo when I learned recently (I don’t follow entertainment news so much) that there was a new Batman movie coming out called “The Dark Knight” I was thrilled, especially since it’s the same awesome combo as last time! It’s also really cool that someone has been doing a viral marketing campaign to get everyone psyched for The Joker, whose appearance was hinted at in the last film. I’m a little tiny bit skeptical about Heath Ledger as The Joker, but I’m willing to give him a chance. According to what I read on PITNB (scroll all the way to the bottom), Anthony Michael Hall will also be starring in a role. Who do you think he’ll play??

Anyway, everyone knows that the more tortured and moody Batman is, the better. I think that Christian Bale definitely felt the most genuine to me. Or maybe I just really liked seeing all his ninja training in the last movie (you can’t go wrong with ninjas, as I’ve always said). 2008 is a ways away, but I’m looking forward to it! Spider-Man 3 wasn’t as bad as I expected, but I think Batman will fill the void. At least we have Transformers in the meantime (and no, Optimus Prime will NOT have lips).

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  1. AH, I saw that Joker page last night, and I LOVED IT AND FREAKED OUT OMG.

    I heard that Scarecrow was coming back, so I hope that it doesn’t pull a spider-man3 and focus on to o many villains.

  2. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Ledger will be trained by Pirates. Cause really all I have ever wanted to see at least once in life is Ninjas vs. Pirates. But yeah, Batman Returns is permanently recorded in HD on my Direct TV DVR (every time you mention your Tivo 3 on BOL I get a little green).

  3. im pretty stoked for the new batman movie.. it better be fan-freakin-tastic!!

    i know it’s old, but for me.. michael keaton and jack nicholson ftw :)

  4. 1) Batman Begins was awesome. Dark Knight will also be awesome.
    2) Excellent picture caption.
    3) Good news on the no-lips Optimus, thanks for bringing that to my attention [breathes sigh of relief]
    4) Anthony Michael Hall…. hmm, maybe another villain like The Riddler or The Mad Hatter? Maybe a member of the Falcone crime family? Or serial killer Victor Zsasz who makes a cameo in Batman Begins?

  5. word. It has been a long time.. sorry for not commenting for a while..

    anyway.. i agree with the concern of the Joker character. I can’t help get him out of my mind of him playing medieval knight with the “queen” music background…I forgot the name of that movie, but I’m sure you remember..

  6. We’ve been talking about Heath Ledger’s Joker at Highbrid Nation. I’m usually a traditionalist but I think I like the direction they are going in. Though some are saying the recent pic is fake. I honestly beleive it is real.

  7. I really liked Christian Bale in Batman Begins… I only hope, as you do the series continues to be excellent. (I still think Michael Keaton was the best Batman, though!)

  8. I’m confused…I didn’t pick up on the Roman Empire bits that you seem to feel Christian Bale brought to his role as Batman. I felt he played it pretty straight, with a dash of Frank Miller thrown in.

    Or perhaps you thought that he played Batman with a touch of Arthur Dent’s good friend? Not sure I see that either.

    Ahhh whatever…I thought the movie was great too.

  9. Loved Batman Begins. It was good to see how his inner demons turned the man into Batman. I also loved the Batman Begins film soundtrack. The music to a film is immensely important for adding emotional impact to the visuals. Christian Bale is a fine actor. Any guy or gal willing to lose or gain mass pounds of body weight (muscle included), all in the spirit of acting and fitting into the part, gets kudos from me. I don’t recommend this acting method for health reasons, however. The Scarecrow character in the last movie was okay, but it didn’t blow me away by any means. A favorite Batman villain that come to mind is Danny DeVito as The Penguin. He was made for the role. If they can find a villain/actor of that high caliber for the next movie, it should be even better.

  10. kinda wondering how batman can be the prefect… oh and by the way the old batman movies will always be the best! one and two are by far better than the candy colored “sequels”. and batman begins is some sort of ninja stuff with like 20 minutes of the actual batman in a 2 hour movie or something… just my humble oppinion.

  11. Yes, very stoked for the new Batman. I was feeling the same way about the previous flicks. Batman and Robin was pitiful. But Begins was fantastic and really brought life back to…. The Dark Knight.

  12. My money is on Anthony Michael Hall being Clayface. I know it’s been 20 years but I’m still amazed at how he’s grown up since the old 80s films. He went from being the quintessential geek character to the guy my wife now has a huge crush on in The Dead Zone (which starts up again in a couple weeks, along with the 4400.)

    Heath Ledger’s a good actor and I’m sure will do a fine job, but it’ll be hard to top the performance (and the overall style) of Nicholson in the first film.

  13. Hey I’m glad you finally got convinced to check out Bale as Batman. Very cool movie, also loved him in “Equilibrium” I have to say i was very disappointed in Spidey 3, so many things wrong with it…What I want to know is where is the 2nd “League of Extraordinary Gentelman” coming out?!?
    Also: Transformers Roll Out!!!

  14. When I first heard that they were doing another Batman movie (Batman Begins), I was not thrilled, but I really enjoyed Batman Begins, the movie really brought out the true “Dark Knight” Batman as portrayed in the comics. I also think Christian Bale is a great Bruce Wayne, I wonder who is going to play Cat Woman…

    As for the first series of batman movies, I though Tim Burton did a decent job, but Joel Schumacher ruined the series, Batman and Robin was horrible.

    I am interested to see how they do the Joker, if they do portray a serious Joker, that will be really scary. They could do a entire Horror movie around the Joker.

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  16. This movie totally fricken rocked! Although Speed Racer and HeMan should kick it’s Butt. But God “Stephen Speilberg” will speak very soon and there will be no Pirates to echo Arrrgh Matey!

  17. I’m looking forward to the movie as well and Christian Bale is definitely the best Batman… riiight after Michael Keaton. What can I say, I loved the Tim Burton version of Batman. Batman and Batman Returns were the best ones, but Batman Begins is right up there as well, possibly somewhere in between those two :) The rest, I just want to forget.

    I’ve seen some of the leaked test shots of Heath Ledger as the Joker and dude looks creepy which is good. I can’t wait. But he seriously has to bring his A game if he wants to beat Jack Nicholson.

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