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  1. what? is this serious? this guy wants to be better than ask a ninja, does he always rap bad in his podcasts? im not gonna check it out, thanks for warning me… im so happy im not getting bald with 25.

  2. Boswellian – I’m very interested in the reaction here. Is he not funny? Is there something I don’t know about him? He seems clever, and he has a great video personality.

  3. Obviously, it’s subjective. Personally, I’ve seen hundreds of videos like that online, ironic raps about geeky things. He seems like a nice enough guy, but doesn’t really stand out. Of course, that’s just my opinion, and I’m still wondering why the great 80s neoclassical fusion band House of Lords never made it. You could be distracted by the cat…the cat steals the show!

  4. Hm, Jay Smooth’s right about the haters – they’re all over the place in this post’s comments!

    Ah well, I thought it was cool. And @Goggleman81: he certainly wasn’t ripping Ask a Ninja or Ze Frank – it was clearly an homage (er, “shout-out” I suppose, given the context).

  5. “Haters”–What a clever way to dismiss any sort of criticism. I said the guy seemed like a nice guy, but I just saw nothing special in the video, specifically in reference to the “next big thing” setup. The rapping thing bores me…it’s been done. But, hey, it’s a hip-hop blog. I guess he has an excuse.

  6. Update: Sticking it to Rush in the “Black Coach” video was excellent, and what Jay Smooth is doing in Atlanta is also very exciting. So, even though I stick by my statements about the original vid, props to Jay for his other endeavors. And I’m sorry, V, that I’ve wasted so much space in your comments section. I’ll lay low for a while now. Cheers!

  7. @leery: same here as boswellian. i totally dont hate the guy, i just dont like the podcast, also the intention when “copying” other successful “acts” out there isnt that important to me, its just not very original and comparing it to myself, i like slipknot, but still i dont run around with a mask all day long or put video of myself on the internet with the name “the masked guy” wearing a halloween shop bought slipknot mask, saying something while hitting my desk with a drumstick. i would watch the frenchmaid.tv podcast if it wasnt so very apple influenced and i like ask a ninja a lot. espescially the special with the actors from blades of glory (i didnt see the movie) made me laugh a lot. oh and i dont know ze frank, whoever that may be…

  8. My favorite part was when the buildings fell down.

    I ate the blue ones…they taste like burning.

    Oh boy! Sleep! That’s when I’m a Viking!

    Yup. Random Ralph Wiggum quotes are funnier than that guy. The part that really bothers me is that I got all of his references. I’ve gotta spend less time on the Intarweb.

  9. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing. I suspect that most of the demographic frequenting your blog, wouldn’t….dare I say…appreciate this guys artform. Just imho :).

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