Big (early) announcement day!

So, this announcement is coming sooner than I expected, but a little birdie was set loose into the blogosphere today, so here we are! It’s true, I’m leaving CNET to work full-time for Mahalo, producing a daily video show. My plan was to let everyone know on Monday on BOL, but I guess a blog entry from E3 works too ;)

Leaving CNET is going to be bittersweet; it’s been a fantastic three years, and I’ve worked with some amazing people. When I first joined the company, as an audio producer (intern!), I never thought that things would progress the way they did. But then I had to go and open my big mouth on Buzz Out Loud, and they never got me to shut it again. Tom Merritt and Molly Wood are two of the smartest (and most awesome) people I know, and leaving Buzz is going to be the hardest part. Maybe they’ll have me on as a guest sometime!

I also had my first experience in front of the camera at CNET (I believe it was an Insider Secret called “Mastering Google Calendar”), which was weird for me, in the sense that I was always behind the scenes. But technology videos have always come pretty easily for me: take the things I love talking about, and try to lay them out in a manner that’s entertaining and accessible. That’s what I’ll be doing at Mahalo, too, except now I’ll have the freedom to talk about anything! Tech? Sure. Pop culture? Heck yeah. How to find cult science fiction novels in your city? Yeah, I might do that.

Well, there will be more information coming in the next couple of weeks. My last day at CNET is the 20th of July. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. I’m really excited about the new changes, and I’ll hope you’ll check out the new show!

233 thoughts on “Big (early) announcement day!

  1. Bye. Sniff. Sob.

    Mahalo better be paying you MAJOR buck$ for the big following you will be dragging over to them just to keep up with your rants and odd noises, etc

    Miss you already

  2. Hi Veronica,
    BOL won’t be the same without you. I’ve been listening for 18 months and is my favourite podcast.

    Good Luck


  3. hmmm…. not sure if I should reply to a post on CNET’s forums or here… so I picked here… :’(

    I feel like a Cubs / Red Sox fan after they were eliminated in 2003. :(

    So who’s going to host prizefight, or are you going to keep sending PF videos to CNET? Those have been some of my favorite CNET videos….

    And, what’s the status with your appearances on Leo Laporte’s show?

    :’( :’( :’( …. I’d like to say more, but I can’t think through the fog of grief that’s clouding my brain, and besides I can’t even SEE my computer through the veil of tears that’s blocking my sight! :’( :’( :’(

    Oh, while I’m here… is it you, or someone else, that loves Mario games and the like? I’ve learned to play a few Mario, Zelda, Tetris tunes on the piano, but I was wondering what other games have some good music?

  4. You are much too beautiful to be left on a “talk” podcast.

    Do come back to visit BOL, but more importantly, continue to show up on Twit from time to time. Now those turkeys need you. It’s always more fun when you are on Leo’s show.

    All the best to you, V.

  5. Congratulations girl you absolutely rock and you deserve it!.

    Even if BOL will not be the same without you.

    You have a big fan in Mexico City that will be following you in Mahalo, good luck!

  6. I’ve been a fan of Cnet for 12 years, since Richard Hart was on the show.
    You have been a breath of fresh air to Cnet and will be hard for them to replace you.
    I know you’ll do fine in whatever you do.
    Good luck.

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  11. Noooo! I hope it works out at Mahalo, you’re gonna have an army of sad people back at BOL. Good luck Veronica!

  12. Hey Veronica, gonna miss you on BOL. Congrats, and may you have more fun at your new place ;)

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  14. I’ve just returned from a vacation, turned on my computer, opened CNET TV and heard ‘it’s my last day here at CNET TV’. I’m a bit sad because I really enjoyed BOL and other shows featuring you but I’m looking forward to the new one as well. Good luck for your new job!

  15. Hi, Veronica, thank you so much for all your great work on CNET, and I hope you have nothing but success on your new show (which I will watch faithfully, of course). \

    By the way, if you don’t have a title yet, what about “The Full Belmonty”?

    Break a leg,

  16. You were a joy to watch. Not just by nerdy, geeky guys (myself). but my 7 and 9 year old kids, who made me do a search for prizefight on cnettv and watch ALL of those videos. We’ll look for you at mahalo.

    and mahalo to you.


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  18. A belated Happy Birthday, and Best of Luck to you @ Mahalo. It’s all been said much more eloquently, but you have brought so much to my Web 2.0 “life” thru BOL, Leo, etc; and I thank you for it! You will be missed on BOL, but look fwd to what you’ll be doing @ your new gig. The last ep of BOL was awesome, and quite touching…
    rock on!!

  19. There aren’t words to describe… I hope things go well for you at maholo… mahala… whatever the name of it is. That’s basically it.

  20. Oh cr4p, resubscribed to BOL on Friday, what a sucky day. Gonna miss you in South Africa. You are the second voice I am going to miss this year…

    Good luck and can’t wait to catch you on Mahalo :)

  21. Hey Veronica,

    I’m glad to see you moving on to bigger and better things, but at the same time, the cnet prizefights just won’t be the same without you. Your absence will be noticed, but I wish you the best in all your endeavors.


  22. We´ll miss you on Cnettv…
    But all the best! Really looking
    forward your best days.
    From your fans in Brazil..:)

  23. I was almost in tears at work while I listened to the remix they did of “Candle in the Wind” for your last episode. You do rock Veronica. I only subscribed to BOL after you guested on one of Leo Laporte’s podcasts. Be missin’ you!

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  26. returned from a vacation, turned on my computer, opened CNET TV and heard ‘it’s my last day here at CNET TV’. I’m a bit sad because I really enjoyed BOL and other shows featuring you but I’m looking forward to the new one as well. Good luck for your new job!

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