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We have more BlizzCon 07 footage that’s going to come out, but I couldn’t resist publishing this interview now! FYI, there’s an F-word thrown in during some of the game footage, so it might be NSFW for some of you. For those that don’t know, Leeroy is definitely the most infamous WoW celebrity/character in the history of the game! For more info on Leeroy, see his page at Mahalo. Thanks to Tyler and Conrad for putting this together!

UPDATE: Yes, I know it’s fake. Yes, I knew it at the time. Do I care? Not really. The Internet is serious business, folks.

115 thoughts on “Interview: Leeroy Jenkins

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  2. So, a couple of days ago we tried to down Onyxia with a tank named Leroy. Everyone said it’s bad luck, and guess what? We wiped. God dammit, Leroy!

    Was fun though.

  3. Of course he is normal, why he shouldn’t?
    But I bet some of his guildies that were with him at that dungeon are not so normal to be seen in public.

  4. “Internet is serious business”
    i think you mean
    “Internets is serious business”
    you’ve been rickrolled

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  6. The video prompted some debate over whether it was staged.[3] Wikipedia stuff, and they got a nice reference for that. Anyway, the whole video is wonderful and hilarious, even if it’s fake, what it’s not a fact, it’s great.

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