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Want to see a video of my iPhone being successfully unlocked? It’s over on Engadget. So far so good; I’m pretty sure I threatened Ryan with bodily harm if something happened to it! I’m keeping it on the AT&T network for now (because hell, I paid for it) but it’s nice to know that I can switch it if I want to. Personally, I think $99 is steep for unlocking, but it’ll be worth it for some people.

And no, I do not regret having switched from T-Mobile when I did (just like I don’t regret paying the $200 more than people are now) even though I knew that it would only be a matter of time before the phone was unlocked.

Maybe I can find a Japanese SIM for my trip next week.

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  1. Veronica, does that mean you could use any sim card from a current plan? I am actually on an ATT plan, but would consider swapping it into that phone. How does the whole data plan thing work for email and internet with another carrier?

    I suppose I could read Ryan’s article since I am sure he covers it in detail, but Engadget runs like a slug on my system for some reason, loading up all those pictures and ads takes forever. You can tell him that from me! :0)

  2. Q: Can I use my phone in Japan?

    A: No. GSM is not deployed in Japan. If you just would like to use your GSM SIM card (i.e. make/receive calls with your usual number) in Japan, buy or rent a W-CDMA (UMTS) phone, put your SIM card in it and it can roam in Japan.


  3. If you’re ever coming over to the UK and need a SIM, send me an email in advance – O2 regularly give free pay-as-you-go SIM cards to existing customers to give to their friends.

  4. Ryan, thanks for the suggestion. I have an older system with only 512 RAM, so any streamlining ideas are useful.

    And thanks for the heads up about the Engadget podcast. It is unfortunate but understandable. I will keep the feed alive in case you guys get back into it later. I have been a fan ever since you guys were given the my Rio Karma some love!

    Sorry V, for the OT, and for the repost, since the earlier version of this didn’t seem to stick.

  5. Veronica, oddly enough, while you cannot use a GSM phone in Japan, you can use a GSM SIm in some Japanese WCDMA phones in Japan– keep that AT&T Sim and see if anyone reading knows if you can use it. Still need to check the roaming costs, though– bill could be humongous. The whole Japan cell phone thing is a pain brought about by trade protection.

  6. Question for you, V. What is your stance on third-party native iPhone apps? Have you tried any? With the release of, the process seems to be pretty streamlined and risk-free now, but I’m still concerned about trying it. I love my iPhone and seriously don’t want to brick it.

  7. @Taylor – I’m totally happy with the 3rd party apps I’ve tried to far. I haven’t heard about it bricking anyone’s iPhones so far! But use at your own risk…

  8. I also use an unlocked iPhone with It’s great! Other than some of the applications being a little flaky, you can’t ask for a more streamlined software management system on the phone, IMO.

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