Sleep is for the weak


We’ve been having a great time here at CES so far, and cranking out the videos non-stop. I think tomorrow I might actually have a chance to browse the show floor a little bit and check out some things I may have missed. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything too mind blowing, but there were some interesting announcements from Panasonic and the really cool Alienware Curve monitor.

The Mahalo Daily’s at CES have been a blast too, and I was even on Buzz Out Loud today, which was great. It felt like we just picked up where we left off. The CNET booth this year looks absolutely amazing, so if you haven’t stopped by there make sure you work it into your agenda. I also met the lovely iJustine, albeit briefly, and Major Nelson of Xbox. Getting to meet the people I read and watch online at these events is my favorite part, for sure.

More from the floor tomorrow!

Image from Engadget

24 thoughts on “Sleep is for the weak

  1. Great stuff, but one note about Mahalodaily’s tagging system… when I followed your link, many videos started autoplaying on the same page. So annoying.
    Any yo-yo tech at CES this year?

  2. I really like watching her version of the Daily Show. Maybe, if Veronica is so inclined, she’ll have lunch with me the next time she’s back in SF.

  3. eric, thanks for the anthro link. cool designs. i’m diying all the furniture in my new space, and everything will be on casters for easy moving when i have events.

  4. The Alienware Curve’s resolution is “only” 2880 x 900, so it’s not quite the 2 x 24″ monitor that people claim.

  5. Hi! Found your name through the interview you did with Art Lebedev that is posted on YouTube and I like your style :) you’re a good interviewer and you’re looking good as well.

    Good luck to you!

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