Moving on to new projects

Hard to believe the time has already come, but soon enough I’ll be moving on from Mahalo to embark on some exciting new projects! Mahalo Daily has been a really amazing experience (and not just because I get to do things like fly a plane), and I’ll still be producing episodes for the next couple of weeks as host, and then eventually reporting as correspondent.

It’s impressive how far the show has come since we started; at first I was a little apprehensive about the idea of doing episodes 5 days a week while building it from the ground up (as I imagine anyone would be). But with time we’ve assembled a really great, motivated team that makes the whole thing look effortless. Of course, there’s no shortage of solid talent at Mahalo, and they’ll be working with more people in the future too.

As for the new projects, well, you’ll find out soon enough! Needless to say, I’m very excited about what’s just around the bend.

145 thoughts on “Moving on to new projects

  1. Good luck Veronica, I’m always on the look out for anything your on.

    I was never truly happy with MD as I could never get any of the feeds to play on my Archos, so I couldn’t watch you on the move – either the video was incompatible or there was no sound. Luckily Miro on my HTPC let me bask in your wonderous broadcasts.

    All the best to you.

  2. Interesting, I guess we should have had an inkling when you mentioned how much fun you had with Patrick and the gang over at Tekzilla. So, I wonder what it will be like working for Kevin Rose! :0)

  3. I enjoyed the few eps you did with Patrick on Tekzilla. You two are good together on camera, so if you wind up there, that would be okey dokey!! ;-)

  4. Amidst all the speculation that you join a particular podcasting outfit or wherever, perhaps you’re really about to get your MRS degree? Either way, it’s easy to see you’re not really an LA girl after all and it’s good to see JC couldn’t offer the moon to keep you, he needs to be humbled now and then.

  5. Gee, and I thought I was paying attention. Sheesh. Well, congrats (if appropriate), and certainly all the best in whatever and wherever. Maybe the next gig you can drive a submarine or fly the space shuttle.

  6. We’re sad to see you leaving Mahalo, but so long as we can hear your sweet song or follow your radiant smile, you’ve got a long list of fans ready to watch. I hope this means you have more time for BOL guest shows!

  7. Yo, V… Well I hope things work out… and i hope it also moves you forward to bigger and better things. I also hope there was a bidding war over you.

  8. I know… you auditioned and got the lead role to play “Lara Croft” in the next movie since Angelina Jolie is busy expecting twins :)

    No doubt, you’d make a great action heroine – you definitely got the guns for it… I mean the Warcraft skills ;)

    Good luck Veronica!!!

  9. abso-fricken-smurfly good luck with your new guinness world record job as the regular guest on every tech podcast out there and well as your new job @ this-week-in-revision-4-daily-brief-alert-reloaded… or whatever you plan on doing!

    i’m sure you’ll do very well; and perhaps, one day you’ll have the opportunity to deliberately turn down william ‘thatcher’ shatner begging for an interview. what a small world it is and how the tables may turn (karma et al.). cheers! :)

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  11. Patrick Norton said he will announce a new female host. He also said it will be someone who has guest hosted.

    Unless Morgan Webb is the one, that leaves only our dear Veronica. (who was very good as usual on the most recent

    No matter where you go Veronica, we will follow.

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  14. Wreck & Salvage is looking for someone to host a new show titled, “talkshow”, but I doubt you’d be interested. Just letting you know.

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  18. So it WAS Rev3 who stole you. I just hope they don’t throw you on PopSiren or DiggReel because those shows are horrible.

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