Ok, you were right! I’m joining Tekzilla!

Most of you guessed that one of my new projects was over at Revision3 as the new co-host of Tekzilla with Patrick Norton. And yes, you are correct! In fact, I was over there yesterday shooting for Friday’s episode. As I’ve said before, I love working with everyone over there, and I think it’s going to be a blast.

However, there’s still another project that I can’t say anything about just yet! A girl’s gotta have her secrets, right?

123 thoughts on “Ok, you were right! I’m joining Tekzilla!

  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb and hope for the second project to be some sort of vidcast with Ryan… that’d be ill

  2. Hey, just wanted to say congrats on the Revision3 gig. I think you’ll make Tekzilla even more fun to watch!

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  4. Awesome ! now i can stop watching Mahalo as there is no reason to watch it now :D

    Techzilla just became better!

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  6. Just went to cnet’s front page and saw your Tekzilla episode featured on front page. Looks like you back on cnet.com (just not at cnet networks). Its funny how things work out.

  7. just watched the friday tekzilla episode. another podcast i will have to subscribe to… i can’t support the channel by subscribing to netflix though, i am in the wrong country. does your “secret” project have something to do with cranky geeks?

  8. Hi Veronica,

    I’ve seen Tekzilla. Unless you’re bringing a whole lot of new ideas, it’s not going to be there for that long and will have a very limited audience.

    You had complete creative license to do whatever you wanted at Mahalo. Why would you leave?

  9. So youre the Lindsay Lohan of the tech world?
    By 2010, you’ll have worked for every online tech company in California.

    Of course, after that you’ll be able to go to Japan and host some shows there, you’ll be huge!!

    C’mon, you can say it now,… how big a perv is Calacanis?
    Dov Charney skeezy or Larry Flynt like?

  10. w00t Veronica! It’s great to have to have you back into tech just like the good ol’ BOL days!

  11. Congrats! saw your segment on cnet…wonder if the ratings will spike (which they might since they used your name in the title. Can’t wait to hear about your next project!

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  13. Congrats and you’re doing a great job already.

    I think many of us look at what you guys do and thinks its easy yet when I look at the girls that are trying out to fill the void at Malhalo Daily, I’m amazed at how uncool they are.

    It’s hard to put a finger on it but you’ve got the right combination of looks, geekiness, attitude and approachability(?) that’s perfect for new media.

    See you on Tekzilla.


  14. Hi V

    Just wanted to say that I’ve now watched a couple of TekZilla episodes and I’m completely hooked.

    This is so much YOU!

    Your interaction with Patrick brings back fond memories of when you where at BOL. Relaxed, fun atmosphere with lots of interesting info as well.

    I tried to watch you at Mahalo, but the topics where just to diverse, this is MUCH better and seems more in line with what we expect from our favourite “techgirl” :D

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