Introducing Qore!

Today the project I’ve been working on for the past two months (other than Tekzilla, of course!) is being announced to the world: Qore, an interactive program on the Playstation Network. I’m really excited about it, and also a little nervous, because it’s unlike anything I’ve done before. As we all know, video can be a lot better at explaining something than text, so here’s the preview video:

From Crackle: Qore preview

Honestly? It’s one of the coolest looking things I’ve seen in a long time, and I’m not just saying that because we’ve been working our asses off on it! Unfortunately, I don’t get to be in the first episode as much as we’d like, since I came into the project towards the end of the shooting cycle. But the stuff we’ve done already for episodes two and three is very fun.

Everyone is already fixating on the free demos, themes and betas, but it will take them until Thursday (when it goes live) to see how the video segments and behind the scenes clips are really what I think this whole thing is about. I’m just psyched that I get to be a part of it, and talk to the developers and artists behind some truly cool upcoming games.

There’s way more info on the Playstation Blog, but if you have any questions for me drop them in the comments and maybe I’ll whip up a FAQ for the next post!

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  1. As usual, I’m excited for you in this new venture. I’m sure you will weather the stormy backlash from some PS3 fans for having to pay for this content and from your own fans about you going to work for Sony.

    I personally think you should do what you think is best, and if you’re excited about this, then I’m excited for you!

  2. First time i hear of u and ur hot and i might buy this show =]]]

    the ppl that are talkin like o its to much it really isnt much..

    jus think about it as it being a Magazine being read to you and lasting 40 min to 2 hr i heard thats how long its gonna be… and its cheaper then a mag thats great some ppl are jus wieners


    Now I’ll have to go buy a PS3!

    Nahh, I’ll probably not do that (quite happy with our PS2 for casual gaming), but would love to be able to see the show – hopefully it will be online somewhere eventually.

    How about selling episodes on iTunes, maybe at a slightly lower price since there will be no bundled content.

    Oh, wait – you don’t control the pricing – anyway, just an idea.

    Congratulations on another exciting adventure, it seems your video-host career is really starting to take off – I wish you the best of luck (not that you’ll need it :D)

  4. Just wanted to say ; “Thank you” to Veronica for coming to and putting her side of things across.

    All the very best Veronica!

    Jim Connolly

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  6. Good for you, Veronica!

    But honestly I don’t want to pay $$$ for promotional contents and demos, which I’m getting for free. This is just lame beyond belief, unless I’m missing something here?

  7. @Rebecca – Yeah, you are missing something. We have EXCLUSIVE content, stuff that you can’t get anywhere else, and other things that you’ll be the first to see.

    Plus, we have 40 minutes of original video content. It’s not reviews, no, but it’s exclusive behinds the scenes coverage of how games are made, and the people behind them.

    We’ll have art galleries, hidden easter eggs, full free games, etc. I don’t know, if that sounds lame to you then I don’t know how to change your mind about that. Don’t buy it then. But I think a lot of gamers are going to find value in it.

  8. Well, if you say it’ll be worth it I believe you. You’ve done excellent in everything you did before.

    Personally, I’d pay a subscription fee for full free games, discounted games, discounted TV episodes (like iTunes store) and movies. I hope they won’t reduce the quality of free content on PSN store just to accommodate Qore.

    As a matter of fact, discounts on PS3 games would be an excellent idea. I know I’ll be sucked into buying too many games than I can handle if I know i can get it for a better price, which will be great for Sony and other game companies.

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  10. We can always Veronica’s (good) look when we want to know something is making her feeling weird or uncomfortable.

    Veronica, why is your uncomfortable look chosen to be the frozen frame for the clip?

    Hello from Taiwan!

  11. Missing a verb (WHAT WAS I THINKING?)

    Please dismiss my previous post.

    We can always count on Veronica’s (good) look when we want to know something is making her feeling weird or uncomfortable.

    Veronica, why is your uncomfortable look chosen to be the frozen frame for the clip?

    Hello from Taiwan!



  12. hey…. congratz!! finally something new 2look 4ward 4.

    Gr8 intro except u did kinda blurt out d word ‘welcome’. :P

    Hehehe…. Gdluck hope to check it out soon.

  13. Hi, Qore looks great…. Too bad I’m from Ireland and have to put up with SCEE…. So I heard that they might be bringing another service to Europeans similar to Qore.. In other words they will waste money and time making another show because they don’t think that qore is relevant to european gamers.
    Whats not relevant about it?
    I for one would just like qore to be available everywhere where english is the native tongue, Ireland and England come to mind. Would be a shame to not have Veronica Belmont hosting it, she was great on crankygeeks :D :P
    But then again, I must have not watched crankygeeks because according to SCEE it shouldn’t be relevant to me :D
    Rant over, for the time being.
    Congratulations on the show by the way.

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  17. Those paying now a one year subscription are going to be very disappointed when you do not receive one year of Veronica. She has gone from CNet to Mahalo to Revision3 in one years time. What are the chances she will be at Qore in a year? What are the chances Qore will be around in a year? To the poster that said advertisements should be added so it is free—well, isn’t it a Sony vehicle to promote the PS3. I would call the whole show an advertisement. I hope Veronica does not go from someone who gives her honest opinion to a corporate shill. She stated in a recent podcast with Leo and Major Nelson “I don’t technical work for Sony. Sony does not pay my paychecks or anything. I work for a 3rd party the produces Qore”. If Sony is paying the 3rd party company to produce Qore than she can’t expect us to believe that her comments will be unbiased. I glad to see some unknown like Veronica move around and hopefully move up over the past two years.

  18. Veronica: I have a technical question for you. Will the Qore episodes that have been purchased and downloaded on the ps3 hard drive, backup to an external hard drive using the ps3 backup utility? I have backed-up my 60gig ps3 HD to an external HD in preparation of upgrading the 60gig HD to a 500. I want the Qore episodes to transfer. If not do you know what the options are. This might be a good question for Tekzilla. The Qore episodes are great! Worth the annual fee.


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