iTunes Best of 2008 Awards!


Yay! Tekzilla came in as one of iTunes Best of 2008 (iTunes store link here) for Podcast picks in the classic video category! Other pals that took the prize include:

2008 Audio
gdgt weekly

2008 Video
ill doctrine
Scam School
Project Lore

Classic Audio
Buzz Out Loud

Classic Video
Ask A Ninja
Wine Library TV
MAKE: Magazine

Congrats to everyone!!

18 thoughts on “iTunes Best of 2008 Awards!

  1. Congrats Leo, Molly, tom, kevin, VB, Ryan, peter and others

    Sidebar: you stole N Del Conte Avatar look on Twitter.

  2. @Wmmguru – Hah! Didn’t even notice. However, she’s not the only human capable of putting her arm behind her head :)

  3. If I’m correct Alex Albrecht is the only one to have two on the list – Diggnation and Project Lore.

    Pity Tekzilla missed out.

  4. I don’t see Tekzilla in the The Best of 2008 podcasts. Maybe the Canadian iTunes has a different list.

    It doesn’t matter. IMHO, Tekzilla is one of the best podcast and I never miss an episode.

    Congratulations Veronica! Keep up the great work!

  5. Congrats, you are swell.. Hope to see the chat vid soon. Let me know if I can donate something on the side for episode 2… Keep up the fantasmic wealth of visual and audio knowledge. You go girl!

  6. I first have to say that the Natali pic response was awesome! ? Gave me a really good laugh. Second, I remember the day you first spoke on Buzz out Loud and now as you grow professionally and collect more and more awards I strangely feel like a proud parent even though I have nothing to do with your success and am perhaps only two years your senior. To put it shortly…congratulations!

  7. I miss the boxing gloves veronica. Anyway to put them on and beat down k rose? LOL keep up the great shows

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