Kanye West gets a “tweetposter”

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Kanye West is a little upset about being impersonated on Twitter. There have always been celebrity impostors on the site (and a growing number of real celebs actively using it), but Kanye seems to get a little more sensitive about this kind of thing: he’s much more hands-on with his audience than the average star, so it’s natural that he would take it a bit more personally when someone steps in on that territory.

As Twitter grows, I wonder how they’ll treat this kind of situation. Do they immediately turn over the false account, as may have been done for the also tech-saavy Al Gore? And how does a celeb (if they’re not the blogging sort, like Mr. West) prove that they’re the real deal? I guess we’ll find out shortly, depending on what Kanye decides to post in the coming days.

For additional reading about celebrities on Twitter, check out The Post-Geekdominant Twitterverse. Oh, and I’m still not convinced this is the real Luke Wilson… I mean really, a “guild run?” Does Luke Wilson play WoW? Hmmm… I guess anything is possible.

20 thoughts on “Kanye West gets a “tweetposter”

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  2. I’m sick of celebrities whining about online posers. It’s their own fault for not protecting their brands, for ignoring trends, for dismissing new Web stuff as “geeky”.

  3. Do they really have to terminate the fake account? I bet there is more than one Kanye West in this world, right? I can see where this user is coming from but still it feels weird.

    Is it fair for everybody like when Britney Spears and Al Gore get their names changed? Yes, the world is still spinning around but such moves feel unfair. They better focus on the feature side, add a search button, fix DM and support Gravatars :)

  4. I think it’s easy to prove you’re the real celeb, Just post a pic of you with today’s newspaper, hostage style.

  5. I just hope there’s no one that uses the nickname “Monster” on twitter, or the cable fools are going to sue them, right after they get done with Monster mini-put.

  6. Seriously how do we even know this is the actual Veronica Belmont anyway?… Nobody can use that many social networking sites all at once!

    I’m sure an army of captive lolcats on typewritters is at work here..

  7. If I were Kanye, I’d be more concerned about the guy who just released a sappy auto-tune album under my name. If he were that concerned about his image, he’d sue THAT guy! It doesn’t sound anything like the real kanye west. (the rapper) This kanye sings. Badly.

  8. SilverDuck, with all due respect, I think you misread my sentence. Maybe it wasn’t clear, but I was saying that other famous people don’t blog as *much* as Kanye. I’m very aware of his blogging frequency.

  9. When I read the headline in my feed, I first thought that you were reporting that he had employed a ‘tweetposter’, ie someone who posted tweets on his behalf ;)
    I have just realised that all BBC twitter feeds are generated by third parties. I have been blocked from following twitter.com/BBC as I complained (using an @reply) about affiliate links that they were dropping in! I also complained to the BBC as at that time I thought it was legit, so hopefully something will be done. I am surprised I followed the account in the first place without noticing.

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