My thoughts on my Mini Mi


I’ve had my HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition for a couple weeks now, and overall I’ve been very happy with it. The keyboard is the perfect compromise in size at 90%, and even the strange side buttons on the trackpad haven’t given me too much reason to complain. I have the 10.1″ version, but it’s small and light enough for me to carry comfortably all day (a huge different from my 15″ MacBook Pro, which I’m sure is the cause for all my back and shoulder pain!).

The big problem is the OS. Since I went with the Mi Edition, the netbook runs on MIE (Mobile Internet Experience), which is HP’s Ubuntu-based operating system. Admittedly, this was my first foray into Linux, and I’m not letting MIE taint my opinion of Linux whatsoever. Basically, there’s a lot that just doesn’t work right. The home screen, seen below, is supposed to have live bookmarks (and thumbnails) for my favorite websites. Even after adding them, the thumbnails just never loaded.


I wanted to add Boxee for Linux onto it, but adding third-party applications is very difficult. There is an application manager, but it’s locked-down to HP approved apps. There have been some stability issues as well, which I find interesting considering I’m rarely using multiple programs at once or doing anything “crash-worthy.”


At this point, I’m looking at a few different options for the OS: Ubuntu Netbook Remix and Windows 7 beta. I’ve heard great things about both, and I tried to install Windows 7 already and had some issues because I was trying to make a bootable USB on XP instead of Vista, which most of the directions seem geared to. Anyhow, I digress. Suggestions for what OS I should run are very welcome, or if you have tips on making the most out of MIE.

The kiwi above doesn’t come standard, by the way! It’s a GelaSkin called Jealousy, by artist Jen Lobo. GelaSkins are coming out with netbook skins very soon, so stay tuned!

UPDATE: GelaSkins for netbooks now available!

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  1. Thank you for the appraisal of the HP Mini Mi. I’ve been lusting after that thing since its reveal last fall but wanted someone to do a review first before laying down some cash; my trepidation was due to poor reviews of netbooks as ‘severely’ underpowered. Plus, I was hoping Apple might reveal their answer to netbooks at MacWorld.

    Please continue to update us on your experience. As for form factor, your critique reinforces my assumption that it the best in its category (and the sexiest, excluding Sony $1K non-netbook netbook).

  2. Don’t give up on Linux. I’ve been playing with different flavors for over a year via Fusion and think it has come along way to being more consumer friendly.

    However, I would love someone to attempt to develop an easy install Hackintosh version. As you probably know, there are already ones for the MSI Wind netbook and some Dell netbooks.

  3. Hi Veronica! how it is going with your mini?

    A recomendation for the OS: instead of Ubuntu netbook remix try Linux Mint.

    Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu (same core components), but is faster smaller installed (3GB vs 6GB) and already has codecs for multimedia and flash installed. Also on my personal opinion it is easier to use.

  4. Hey,
    Found you through twitter…don’t ask. It was like “Seven Degrees of Separation” only by clicking avatars.

    Anyhoo, I really like the look and feel of these new mini-notebooks. I blog and write and browse the internet and have been giving my husband “buy me laptop” thought transmissions. Is there anyway to convince him that these are worth it?

    Working in the computer industry, he’s being ridiculously snobbish about its lack of CD/DVD drive. I want something I can toss in my purse though. Any small-ish notebooks you’d recommend?

    Thanks if you got this far in reading. That was a tad long-winded.

  5. I got my Mini last week. I used MIE for about 10 minutes and couldn’t take it anymore. I installed Linux Mint after reading the above comments. Mint was great (all the codecs installed, nice looking, easy to use). But as a long time Ubuntu fan, I had to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix to give it a try. I’m diggin’ the netbook interface. With such a small trackpad and limited desktop space on the Mini, the netbook interface makes everything very easy to access. Also, my UNR install was 2GB and the Linux Mint install was 3GB. So, UNR saved me a little harddrive space as well.

    Ubuntu Rocks!!

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  7. Hey Veronica, I am planning on buying a HP mini and can’t decide whether or not to get the 3 or 6 cell battery. Do you find yourself wishing you had the 6 cell or do you find the 3 cell to be sufficient? Thanks

  8. I do wish I had the 6 cell (just because it would have been nice to have the option when I bought mine) but the battery has been doing a lot better since I switched to Windows 7. The power consumption is just more efficient.

  9. I read thru all your comments. Need some advice:
    I am buying this mini for a 58 yr old family member who wants to use is for email and photos.
    HP Mini Mi vs HP Mini with XP
    or the Dell Mini

    Would appreciate your advice.

    Thanks – Mia

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