Droid SMS alert on the iPhone

Ryan has been quite taken by the Droid SMS alert sound (as evidenced by the most recent gdgt podcast) so I decided it would be fitting to make it his ringtone on my iPhone when he calls.

Unfortunately, I realized after the fact that it would have been much funnier to make it the default ringtone on his phone for all calls. You can get the sound here for your own personal enjoyment.

I used MakeiPhoneRingtone after converting the .wav to .aac, but you can also use Fission, GarageBand or the myriad other methods available.

22 thoughts on “Droid SMS alert on the iPhone

  1. Chris, that’s an interesting question, and one I haven’t thought of before (although I’m surprised it didn’t come to mind when I was making the Droid SMS sound a ringtone and not a text message alert on the iPhone). I’ll look into it! Sounds like something you can probably do with an unlocked device.

  2. To use it as a New Message tone, you need a jailbroken iPhone and a AIFF version of the file. Or download the already converted and renamed file: http://snipurl.com/t0b8s

    In iTunes change the Import settings in Preferences to AIFF, add the droid sound to the iTunes library and right-click it, pick Convert to AIFF, drag the new AIFF file to the desktop, rename it to sms-received6.caf.

    Connect to the iPhone via SCP and go to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds/. Rename the existing sms-received6.caf to sms-received6-org.caf, and upload the new droid sms-received6.caf. Go into Settings and Sounds, pick Electronic as the new SMS sound. Voila!

  3. I can’t believe you have to actually jump through hoops to make an iphone ringtone. #thatblackberryguy

  4. @Chris Heath:
    I don’t know if you can do it with a vanilla iPhone but if you have a jailbroken one it’s a simple case of replacing your desired system sound with a sound of the same name.
    SSH to their location here:
    The messaging tones are under
    and correspond to the sms sounds list in order (so sms-received1=tri-tone whilst sms-received6=Electronic)

    (Pretty much same as what Torsten said,except you don’t need to fiddle with AIFF files – just rename the extension to .caf and it should work)

    Come on girl, surely you should know the difference between an unlocked device and a jailbroken one :P

  5. Hah, you’re right, I did mean jailbroken, of course. A beer on a late Sunday evening will do that to a girl once in a while ;)

  6. Hey Veronica – thanks so much for mentioning MakeiPhoneRingtone! I’ve been looking for an easy way to get my own ringtones on the iPhone for months, and every other way I’ve tried has failed miserably. But that cute little program works perfectly. Thanks!!

  7. I do love my iPhone but the Droid and the promise of what further enhancements Google’s Android platform fill me with great desire!

  8. Veronica, doesn’t AT&T support some type of service that lets the caller hear a song or tone? For example T-mobile has CallerTunes(R).


    You can setup so that a caller can hear a custom ring instead of the standard beeping before you answer your phone.

    I think you should punish ( i mean “treat”) him to your droid tones.

  9. No, my iPhone is not jailbroken. What leads you to think that? I gave pretty clear instructions on how to do this in the post.

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  11. Is there anyway you can send me the Sound…. I dont know how rip it off the Internet..

  12. The app in the mac app store “ringtone generator” works great for a one click ringtone or sms notification. makes it iphone computable.

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