Another year, another CES!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading back to Las Vegas for CES, and I’m really curious to see what kind of year it’s going to turn out to be. CES is being bookended by the Google press event that happened today announcing the Nexus One, and the supposed Apple event that could be happening at the end of the month. As I said on TWiT this past week, I’m not really that interested in an Apple tablet, though I’m sure whatever they release will be (at the very least) interesting. So what do we have to look forward in the meantime? Lots of netbooks, 4G and WiMax talk, new Intel processors, eco-friendly gadgets and lots of web-enabled TVs. Yeah, so basically a lot like last year.

I’ll be helping Tekzilla cover the show, of course (follow the Revision3 CES Twitter list here), but I’ll also be paying special attention to any gaming-related content on the show floor for Qore as well. That means you’ll probably see me floating around the Sony booth quite a bit. Plus, I’ll be guest-hosting Buzz Out Loud on Friday morning at 9AM PST, so if you’re around the South Hall come check it out (or listen online).

Let me know what you’re most excited about seeing at the show this year in the comments, and don’t forget to add your most coveted gadgets to your lists on gdgt!

9 thoughts on “Another year, another CES!

  1. Seems like Avatar is bringing 3-D into the mainstream, so I would dare to guess there will be some great 3-D TV sets on display.

  2. I wish it was free to travel to America :\

    I am also wondering about the Microsoft Courier, I want to know if Microsoft will actually release a product before Apple. 3-D TV’s are interesting as well, will that be covered on HD Nation to?

  3. Have you ever thought of acting? Movies and what not? I think you would have made a good character in any number of movies… for example “Brief Interview with Horrible Men”

  4. So jealous that I can’t be at CES. I’ve always wanted to go but could never work around it. If you’re at the Sony booth, be sure and give @sukhjit a big hug.

  5. So, this year there will be no walking into a room that falls silent because no one knows your name. Sister of the moon.

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