Get in on the StarCraft II beta action!

The Zerg Overmind must be smiling down on me, because a few days after I received my StarCraft II beta invite another key popped into my inbox! The first must have been for press, while the second came from attending BlizzCon a couple of years ago. To any extent, I have one to give away!

What do you need to do to get it? Not much! Just become a Facebook fan. The winner will be picked randomly on Friday night!

Veronica Belmont on Facebook

34 thoughts on “Get in on the StarCraft II beta action!

  1. Been a fan of yours since CNET, Veronica… but I’ve been a SC fan since elementary school, man I wish SC2 would just come out already.

  2. Yea, I would make at least a little requirement because maybe somebody that won’t even play will win it.. you know :)

  3. I’ve been doing a few pieces over the past few days about scanners trying to take advantage of people with phoney beta invites, and each post just seems to draw more out of the woodwork in the comments.

    So it’s wonderful to see kindhearted gamers offering their extra keys for free (and a little publicity never hurts, right). I’m waiting for retail, but thanks for doing this!

  4. Awww you are so amazing Belmont, I love you to bits. I think it is so awesome that your going to share your extra Beta Key with a lucky Facebok Fan, It’s the best give away ever yay. :)

  5. You don’t need to try to buy fans you know, you have millions of followers. You’re like the Angelina Jolie of the hidden world.

  6. just sell it on ebay instead, have you seen what starcraft 2 beta keys sell for on ebay?!?

  7. Amazing coincidence, Veronica! I was just listening to an argument with my friends about which console was superior, and I chimed in that the debate will be moot in a few months with the release of StarCraft II. They were stunned.

    Thanks for thinking of us fans. Keep up the great work on Tekzilla and QORE.

  8. Marc, as much as the money would be nice, I’d rather give it to someone for free.

    And Hubert, while I may have a lot of followers on Twitter, my Facebook page is where I really get to share links and talk to people! Plus, I know they’re not all spam bots like on twitter :)

  9. K, I guess I’ll be a fan of yours on Facebook then, but if I win, can I get a tour of the set of Tekzilla instead? :D Or maybe a summer internship? hahaha!

  10. You’re now 1000³ times more awesome. I thought you only liked WoW and other MMORPG games!
    Also, will you be posting video replays of your battles on SC2? That would be cool to watch.
    Unrelated: can you make it to CNET on march 5th? There’s something really cool happening before BOL. You will not wanna miss it. :)


    I will prove that you gave it to the right person !!!!


  12. Thanks for the info on becoming a fan on your Facebook page! I’ve been reading your blog and following you on Twitter for some time now, and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot about some really cool stuff by doing so.

    Thanks again!


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  15. You are great! Love Tekzilla, love the game and i think your giveaways are really cool, greetings from Romania!

  16. AWESOME! I recognize three of the people on the screenshot, and one of them I’ve known since Jr. High! :)

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