If I were a TV station…

There is a TV station/media company (I think) in The Netherlands called Veronica. As a result, I get a lot of tweets directed at me in regards to their programming. The FriendFeeders had a little fun with the concept, and made some suggestions as to my potential network shows. Here are my favorites:

Crazy Cat Lady Hour
WoW for Fun and Profit
Find the Right Cable!
I’m on a Larp!
CSI: Hartford (Nothing ever happens)
America’s Next Top Shaman
Man vs Wild vs Belmont
Chuck’d (Each week a dumpster dive reveals what gadgets V threw out to make room for her new ones)
Deadliest Glitch
The Cat Whisperer
Bacon Today
Homemade Hipster Ham… and Friends
Devo’s Bird Watching Hour
The Awkward Situation Room
Mr Littlejeans Goes to Washington But is Tricked into a Bath
Connecticut Shore

27 thoughts on “If I were a TV station…

  1. Yeah, Veronica is a radio- and television-company here in The Netherlands. It started as a radio-station in 1960 and was broadcasting from a ship on the North Sea. Nowadays it’s based on land and has TV, radio and a magazine.

    Doesn’t Tekzilla, albeit an existing show, deserve a spot on Veronica TV?

  2. Awesome programing choices, an LOL funny at you getting tweets about their programing. Your so awesome an thanks for digital penning an awesome Blog read about it, your the best yay.

  3. Ha! I think Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons ended up being a Crazy Cat Lady. And Find the Right Cable! sounds like my old job as a broacast engineer. I love your Twitter background!

  4. I particularly like “No Related Posts”. That would be an awesome show.

    A fly-on-the-wall show which follows the young Belmont as she seeks work in obscure cat / tech related businesses, constantly being turned away when she explains her skills…

  5. There indeed is a tv station called Veronica in The Netherlands they have some awesome programs :).

  6. We do have a tv station called veronica. (I live in the Netherlands) But we see it as a cheap man station. It’s lineup basically consists of old steven seagal movies and old friends reruns. With the occasional lingere soccer tournament and top gear. :)

  7. I would add two more to that list: ‘Late Nite with Veronica Belmont’ and ‘The That’s What She Said Show’

    You won’t need House any more with that


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