EpicWin is just that!

One of my new favorite iPhone applications that just launched is EpicWin. It’s a to-do list, combined with some RPG and questing elements that enable you to “level up” your character by completing errands (think Chore Wars on the iPhone). Take a look at their awesome introduction video:

These guys have worked on some of my favorite games of all time, including LittleBigPlanet and Fable II, so they know a thing or two about creating some very addictive content. The “game” looks great, and has a quirky vibe that’ll definitely set it apart from other task managers.

Since you decide how many points you assign to each task, you can level up pretty quickly. Although I was hoping that there’d be some social aspects (competing against roommates for chore completion, etc) I can see how someone could easily cheat by creating easy tasks with high point values.

There’s one thing keeping me from using this app everyday: desktop integration. I currently use Things as my main to-do list manager, and it syncs with the Things iPhone app as well. I don’t really need two task managing applications on my phone at one time, and there’s very little incentive for a desktop client to use another company’s app for mobile use instead of developing their own.

The answer? EpicWin should create a full-featured RPG for the desktop that plays like a game! Yes, perhaps a little “pie in the sky,” but it would certainly hook more gamers.

EpicWin is $2.99 on the App Store.

13 thoughts on “EpicWin is just that!

  1. Like you, I’ve been waiting months (really? okay maybe a month and a half) for EpicWin—based on the sheer humor value of the trailer.

    I also use Things for task management so I have no idea how this will work for me. Then again, I am getting tired of checking off “® Make your bed” every morning (or, honestly, every few mornings). So maybe in chores like that, it’ll help. Maybe get some points for scumming Marie’s swish-and-wipe chore? At least when I fought Entropy with Life Balance, I got some weird zen credit or something. *sigh*

    BTW, I haven’t seen you around… err, or maybe you haven’t seen me around. In any case, if it becomes another year again since we touch base, you better start leveling up, or I’ll next time you see me, I’ll be bragging about me leveling to be “lord of the task”…or something.

  2. Looks cool. Thanks for pointing it out. I have an iPod Touch but it doesn’t get used as much as my Android phone obviously. A desktop or web app would get me to use it. Looks like fun. I love RPGs and I hate doing things so maybe it would help me tackle my enormous to-do list.

  3. I love the app! I got it jut 1 hour after release. The only issue I have with it is going to be fixed in the new update that is already in Apple’s hands. It crashes on startup. I did get to use it for one day. I got more done on that day than I usually do in 3 with 2Do (which is my mainstay ) So major kudos guys!

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  5. I just downloaded this today and I’m having a blast with it! Pretty snazzy that it makes being productive enjoyable. Being a huge gamer anyways this was easy to love :p Also, did you hear that Simon Pegg is doing voicework in Fable 3? Can’t wait!

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