I’ll see you in New Vegas!

Remember I mentioned that I was recording voice over for an upcoming game? I’m excited to say that I’ll be voicing not one… not two… but three characters (not all human) in the upcoming DLC for Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues! There will be many more details coming in the next episode of Qore, hopefully out next week, including the names and descriptions of all the characters I’m voicing (none of them are named Felicia… sorry everyone!).

Anyhow, I really excited about it! The whole experience of recording voices for actual characters (and not just being myself) was totally new to me, and I loved it. Thanks especially to Jason Bergman from Bethesda, who helped to set the whole thing up! It’s safe to say that this truly is a dream come true for me.

And no, I don’t have any secret insider info on when the PSN situation will be resolved, but hopefully it’s soon!

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