On to the next adventure!

Some of Team Qore in London

When I joined the team at Qore in April of 2008 (April Fool’s Day!), I don’t think any of us had any idea of what to expect. Nothing like Qore had ever been done before. A subscription-based digital magazine? Available on the PlayStation? All I knew was that this was going to be interesting.

Since the show launched, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the smartest, most interesting people in the gaming industry, traveled the world to speak with incredibly creative game developers, and even had the opportunity to voice characters in the DLC for one of my favorite titles of all time. Plus, we’ve had an unbelievably talented group of people at Future Studios US that made the whole thing possible.

Qore is a growing and changing program, and one of those changes will be a new host for Episode 43 and onward. There will be more announcements coming soon, like who Qore’s new host will be (I think you’ll be super excited to get to know them!), so keep your eyes on the PlayStation Blog.

As for me, well, I’m already in overdrive with new project ideas and possibilities, and I’m excited to get started with the next chapter (I mean that literally too… I’ll be using some of this time to start my first NaNoWriMo novel)!

Thank you so much to the Qore viewers who have made doing the show so much fun, and to everyone on the Future Studios team (and at Future US in general… all my friends at PlayStation: The Official Magazine, GamesRadar, OXM and PC Gamer) for all their hard work, and of course to Sony and the folks at PlayStation for making it all possible.

As always, you can keep up-to-date with me on Twitter, Google Plus, Tekzilla, Sword and Laser, and right here on this blog. I’ll see you on the outside!

And if you’ve never seen Qore before, here’s a preview of Episode 41, out now!

31 thoughts on “On to the next adventure!

  1. aw I love you on Qore, but I’m always excited to see what your going to be up to next! Big hugs and good luck on NaNoWriMo. You’re a braver woman than me :)

  2. I’m sad to see you go V! Qore is a great show! and still will be a great show! I’m really looking forward to your “next” project :D

    Stay Awesome V!

  3. It’s really sad to hear that u wont be Qore’s host but best of luck wherever you go.

    I had a quick question for you and will be grateful if you can help. In one of Qore’s episodes maybe 35 you visited London and you went to this shop that had lots of cool stuff like manga and gaming dolls and so on. I am going to London in November and would like to visit that shop so can you please let me know what is that shop called or located?

    Really appreciate it, thx

  4. Awww… It’s a shame you’re leaving Qore… It’s a great show, but it won’t be same without you. I mean, I also love to see you on Tekzilla, but I will miss to find you on PSN.

  5. I’m sure your next move will be as brilliant as the others :) I always have a lot of pleasure seeing you starting a new show/group or whatever you’re doing.

    Good luck and I’m very excited for you!

  6. Hey Veronica, its saddening to see you leaving Qore, but I must say that you were possibly the most charming and welcoming aspect of the series :)

    And hey, I’m gonna do that NaNoWriMo thing too! So cool that you’re joining :D Be on the look out for me as I write under the pen name Nausicaa Sleepyhair :P

  7. You’re leaving Qore? NOOOO! Will Qore be worth it without you? I doubt it. You bring such personality and excitement to it. I will certainly miss you there :(

  8. Wow you really brought the PSN’s media a long way! I really hate to see you go, but I know you have a lot of projects that need to see the light of day. Looking forward to them!


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  11. This is an old post i see, but episode 43 (alread downloading), BUT, as i can see you won’t be on Qore anymore… (sad) so… this will be the last episode of Qore for me, without you there’s no Qore (at least for me).

  12. Hey Buzz Out Loud–wait, no, Mahalo!–wait, no…..Tekzilla! No, that’s not it–wait, wait…Qore! No…oh, Game On! Why not stick with a show? I will not watch Game On knowing that Veronica Belmont will “move on to new and exciting projects” after a year’s time, leaving her coworkers in the dust and taking a chunk of viewership away from them.

  13. I’ve actually be at both Qore and Tekzilla (which I have no intention of leaving) for the past 4 years. I was at CNET for over 3. Yes, Mahalo was short, but that didn’t work out because of the distance factor. Would you have me stay at a job that makes me unhappy?

  14. Hi Veronice, I just google Veronice leaving qore show and I ended up here. Its sad that you had to move from being the main host because you did great on the show but I wish you the best whereever you go as long as that make you happy. Good luck on your next step in life and I will be checking this url from time to time to see how your doing ;)

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