DragonCon 2012 Schedule!

I can’t believe it’s only 10 days away! My schedule is packed this year, and I’m VERY EXCITED. Plus, I’ll be dressing in full cosplay for the very first time, thanks to my friend Bill Doran. I’m not going to tell you who I’ll be though… you’ll just have to figure it out :)

Title: Tech News
Description: Tom Merritt and guests discuss what it takes to keep up with the ever-changing tech news industry.
Time: Fri 04:00 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: FSL Tonight!
Description: Justin Robert Young and Tom Merritt will bring you the post-game wrap-up from the FSL championship. Vulcan vs. Lannisport? Coruscant vs. Rivendell? Whatever it ends up being, we’ll be there, with special guests.
Time: Fri 05:30 pm Location: 204 – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: Sword and Laser Podcast – LIVE
Description: Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt bring their podcast about all things Sci-Fi and Fantasy back to Dragon*Con with special guest R.A. Salvatore!
Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: 2012 Parsec Awards
Description: The Parsec Award is available for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Original Content, and Speculative Fiction. Join us for the 2012 Parsec Awards Ceremony. Hosted by me and Scott Sigler!
Time: Sat 04:00 pm Location: International North – Hyatt (Length: 2.5 Hours)

Title: Women in Gaming
Description: TBD! But probably about women in gaming.
Time: Sun 11:30 am Location: TBD (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: Vaginal Fantasy Live
Description: Join the ladies as they discuss a Vaginal Fantasy book live!
Time: Sun 04:00 pm Location: Centennial I – Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: Getting the Scoop
Description: Forget the old reveal, preview, review cycle. Websites, podcasts, blogs, and forums changed how we learn about games. Are they changing games, too?
Time: Sun 07:00 pm Location: 209 / 210 / 211 – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: NSFW Dragon*Con: Con of a Dragon Three Equals Equals Equals Dee
Description: Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Tom Merritt, and Veronica Belmont will all return.
Time: Sun 08:30 pm Location: Crystal Ballroom – Hilton (Length: 1 Hour)

2 thoughts on “DragonCon 2012 Schedule!

  1. Pretty close to positive [99.2%] that the NSFW Live show is in the Crystal Ballroom (Hilton).

  2. VERY interested in “Women in Gaming”.
    That’s what our podcast is about at GameOnGirl. We started broadcasting in February of this year, but the research is an extension of Dr. Regina McMenomy’s dissertation on gender identity in gaming that started in 2009.
    We’ve had some great interviews this year. This week we talk to a family of five with 3 daughters ages 8, 12, and 14 to get their perspective of games targeted at girls. We also interviewed seminary professor Sandra Glahn. She’s a PhD candidate in Aesthetic Studies concentrating on women in antiquity. It was a great conversation about the origins of stereotypes and feminism.
    So glad your coming to DragonCon and look forward to seeing you.

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