Fact or Fictional!

Wow, so I am just… like, really bad at blogging regularly. Anyhow. Launched a new show this week! It’s called Fact or Fictional, and each week we’ll be looking at your (and I do mean your) favorite technology from TV shows, movies, video games, comic books, etc, and finding out from the experts if it’s possible.

Our first episode (more of a teaser, since we’re still getting everything together production-wise) is about the Ducati Sport 1000 from TRON: Legacy. Yeah, it’s not the light cycle, but hopefully we’ll get to that one at some point!

We’re taking suggestions from the audience for future episodes, so let me know what you want to see!

10 thoughts on “Fact or Fictional!

  1. Cool episode. I like Jason’s idea of Spider-Man tech.

    Would love to see a segment on Blade Runner’s “zoom and enhance” seen. We used to laugh at that segment, but some of the 3D from a single camera stuff that Lytro is doing is making me re-think that.

    Small note, the music throughout the episode is a little annoying. Perhaps it could be turned way down in future episodes. Word up on the new show.

  2. Hey Veronica, love the idea for the new show. I hope you put up an RSS feed for it as well.

    Some suggestions for future episodes include:

    1) The hover board from Back to the Future, obviously.
    2) The flying car from Blade Runner. If you could pull in Syd Mead to talk about his gorgeous designs for the movie that would be a big plus.
    3) The Caterpillar Power Loader suit from Aliens that Ripley wears.
    4) Iron Man, duh.
    5) The fake head used in Total Recall, “two weeks”.
    6) Lightsabers, well those are totally impractical.
    7) Romulan cloaking technology. Can we make something truly invisible.

    etc., etc.

  3. Ken:

    Great show. But where is the podcast to subscribe???

    No podcast, this is a YouTube only show, sorry! Part of our deal with YouTube (like the Sword and Laser video show).

  4. I have always wondered if the tiny ear-bud communication devices you always see on TV and in the movies are really possible. They are always portrayed as being about the size of a jelly bean. They are always shown being used in buildings, underground, and at huge distances between users. I find it hard to believe something so small has the battery or transmitting power to do so, or even work at all.

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