Veronica is a video host and writer based out of San Francisco. Currently, she is working on Season 2 of Sword & Laser Video, and publishing the Sword & Laser Anthology. Previously, you may have seen her on Tekzilla, Fact or Fictional, or Game On!

On BBC America, Veronica was the host of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Pre (and Post) Show, and the co-host of Gizmodo: The Gadget Testers! She was also the original host of Qore on the Playstation Network.

As a voice actor, Veronica has appeared in Fallout: New Vegas (Old World Blues) and the animated series SuperF*ckers.

Veronica initially made her mark as a producer and on-air talent for CNET Networks (now CBS Interactive). She worked on such shows as Buzz Out Loud, MP3 Insider, Crave, and Prizefight. In 2007 she left CNET to host the eclectic video show Mahalo Daily, which was named one of the top new podcasts in 2008 on iTunes.

An avid gamer and social-networking fanatic (with over 1.6 million Twitter followers), Veronica often speaks about her interests at conferences and panels. She has also been the emcee/host at events for companies such as Sony, IBM, Disney, Intel, Chevy, AOL, and Rifftrax.

She lives with one entrepreneur and two cats (and too many gadgets). Veronica graduated from Emerson College, B.A. in Audio/Radio, focus in New Media studies.

Please contact George Ruiz at Intelligent Artists for media inquiries.

Appearances (podcast):
This Week in Tech
Cranky Geeks
WoW Insider Show
Maximum PC
The MacCast
BoingBoing’s GWeek Podcast
The Instance
IGN Podcast Beyond
How I WoW
PC Gamer
The Typical Mac User Podcast
The 404 Podcast from CNET
East Meets West
Sarcastic Gamer
Mac OS Ken
Tired Thumbs, former co-host
MacPhilly Almost Live!
Plan8 Podcast (iTunes link)
Dogear Nation
S J Tech Zone
Twisted Nether Podcast
Quality of Life Project
The A-List with Jennifer Lindsay
Galactic Watercooler
Raid Warning
Ladies of Leet (and here too)
Darth Hater
Poor Dad Tech
Mos Eisley Radio
The Rob and Joe Show

Appearances (other):
Cruze-arati for Chevrolet
SonyStyle’s Meet The Experts
The Real Women’s Guide to Technology
Jonathan Coulton’s Best. Concert. Ever. DVD (as special guest)
Sirius MaximRadio: Level-Up
Attack of the Show, G4 Network
Free $tuff!, G4 Network
5Across on PBS
The Big O & Dukes Show
Irresponsible Radio with Theo & Joe (Baltimore)
KRON 4 with Rob Black
ABC Philadelphia
Solutionz Live! on blogtalkradio

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