An Interview with Jim Donnelly (from The Internet)

Last week on BuzzFeed, a meme popped up about a man named Jim Donnelly. Jim attracted attention for running an advertisement in his local newspaper in New Bedford, MA, in which he asks people to become his friend on Facebook (to learn, among other things, “Useful Information”). The internet, being what it is, reacted to the this unusual proposition in its typical manner. Heck, I even added a “WTF” badge to the comments thread.

With that simple statement of “Hello, I’m Jim Donnelly from The Internet!” he quickly became a sensation:

After reading the story, I decided to post it to my Facebook page. After all, it’s not every day someone promotes their Facebook account via newspaper. Lo and behold, Jim paid me a visit in the comments, and so I decided to ask him a few questions to learn more about why he decided to reach out to people in this particular manner, and how the attention this week has been. The interview (and his extensive answers) are after the jump.
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These are a few of my favorite things (today, and in 9 seconds)

BuzzFeed 9 Seconds 5/5/09 from BuzzFeed on Vimeo.

BuzzFeed asked me to pick a few of my favorite stories from today and try to recap them in nine seconds! I was a little rushed at the end as the clock started ticking down, but I got it all out. It was fun to edit some video again, it’s been a while since I’ve tinkered with good ol’ iMovie. In case you were wondering, the brief theme song is a snippet of Jonathan Coulton’s “Tom Cruise Crazy” (which is one of my favorite songs of his).

If you haven’t checked out BuzzFeed yet, you should. It’s where I probably spend 90% of my free internet time.

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