Kanye West gets a “tweetposter”

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Kanye West is a little upset about being impersonated on Twitter. There have always been celebrity impostors on the site (and a growing number of real celebs actively using it), but Kanye seems to get a little more sensitive about this kind of thing: he’s much more hands-on with his audience than the average star, so it’s natural that he would take it a bit more personally when someone steps in on that territory.

As Twitter grows, I wonder how they’ll treat this kind of situation. Do they immediately turn over the false account, as may have been done for the also tech-saavy Al Gore? And how does a celeb (if they’re not the blogging sort, like Mr. West) prove that they’re the real deal? I guess we’ll find out shortly, depending on what Kanye decides to post in the coming days.

For additional reading about celebrities on Twitter, check out The Post-Geekdominant Twitterverse. Oh, and I’m still not convinced this is the real Luke Wilson… I mean really, a “guild run?” Does Luke Wilson play WoW? Hmmm… I guess anything is possible.