Playing The Go Game

Despite the cold and the rain (check out my awesome rain boots, huh?) I set out to visit the HQ for the Go Game, a company that specializes in creating team building events and get-togethers. From their website:

The Go Game stages technology-fueled, creative games and activities for team building, marketing programs, sales training and just pure fun. Based in San Francisco, we stage unique, interactive events and scavenger hunts for groups of 3 to 10,000 players anywhere in the world

Joined by some of my friends, including my endlessly patient partner-in-crime Ryan Block, we traveled around the Mission district of San Francisco, completing quests and finding clues. Check out the video to see who was victorious!

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3D Laser Backpack at UC Berkeley

Professor Avideh Zakhor and her team at UC Berkeley have created an incredible backpack that creates 3D models of the space it’s in, using multiple lasers and cameras. This has really far-reaching uses, including video games, augmented reality, and interior modeling and design. Check out her page for more info.

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The Amazing Brooklyn Mobile

Though it was freezing cold and in between snowstorms, I still managed to make my way to Brooklyn, NY to track down the Brooklyn Mobile, an amazing art project/social commentary/ridiculously fun video recorder on wheels.

What I love about this is that it gets people – old people, young people, people of all races and backgrounds – to stop for a moment and tell the world what they’re thinking. Folks have used it for everything from promoting their company to talking about politics or the weather. It’s all about exercising your free speech and making yourself heard.

From their YouTube Page:

Brooklyn Mobile is a internet videobooth. You can find it moving around in the downtown Brooklyn area. Mostly around Jay St, Fulton Mall, Livingston, Atlantic, Flatbush, etc but occasionally we travel further.

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LG Speed Texting World Cup

On one of my recent NYC trips, I drove over to Gotham Hall to watch the LG Speed Texting World Cup! I consider myself a pretty fast typer on the iPhone ( bad autocorrects and all) but these competitors blow everyone out of the water. I say they have an advantage using phones with keyboards, but I’m biased.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for you too much, so check out my latest episode of Tech Unexpected for See what all the other Cruzearatis are up to on Twitter too!

And this should go without saying, but never text and drive at the same time!

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