Giving Feedly a chance

I wrote about Feedly a few months ago, when they were going through a bit of a PR kerfuffle with users over deleting Google Reader items without notification (when you edit a feed in Feedly, Google Reader also changes). They’ve since fixed that issue, and I was encouraged (by Garnett) to give the service another shot.

I’m not good with keeping up with my feeds. In Google Reader, I hit the “(1000+)” mark in all my categories a long time ago (this, of course, fluctuates depending on the amount of free time I have on any given day). The pure fear and annoyance of going through everything is a major road block for me, as is the defeat of hitting “Mark all as Read.” Upon bringing my feeds into Feedly, I immediately enjoyed the magazine view:

f | tech (p. 1)
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It’s a great way to get an instant snapshot of all the newest updates. Clicking on a feed item opens it up in the Feedly page, much like reading an item in Google Reader. You can recommend the article (which I believe shares it in gReader as well) or send it to one of your social networking sites. Happily, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to jump between items and initiate other actions.

feedly | what's new?
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But hey, this service has been out for a while, and there are many good reviews on it, but I wanted to give them a fair shake now that they’ve address the major problem I had with them. I’ll probably still use Google Reader for when I need to power through my gaming and tech feeds, but Feedly makes discovering content in my feeds that I may have missed a breeze. For now, I’ve made Feedly my new start page in FF3, replacing iGoogle. We’ll see if it can remain an integral part of my daily online experience!