The next generation of The Next Generation


Last Star Trek post for a while, I promise. After seeing the film on Friday (which was fraking awesome, btw… wait, am I allowed to say “fraking” in regard to Star Trek? Whatever) I started wondering who would be cast if they were to remake TNG into a younger, hipper film. So here are my top choices from the Friendfeed post! OK, maybe not everyone on this list is a spring chicken, but it’s harder to think of people than you would think!

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80′s videos, much improved!

As an eighties baby, these songs often haunt me in my dreams. Actually, a-ha’s “Take on Me” was the second song I ever downloaded on iTunes! So the sickness runs deep.

Anyhow, Josh pointed me to these posts on Laughing Squid, and I got a huge kick out of these literal translations, created by Dust Films.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

See more funny videos at Funny or Die