BlizzCon Interviews

BlizzCon 2011 was amazing, and no matter what you think of the announcements (PANDAS!) there was plenty to talk about. The wonderful Scott Johnson of The Instance podcast sat in with me for three interviews during BlizzCon. If you’re a listener of his show, you may have heard some or all of them already, but here are the interviews in their entirety. Enjoy! And sorry for some of the background noise, we were in a location with a lot of other reporters also doing interviews.

BlizzCon 2011: Interview with John LaGrave for World of Warcraft

BlizzCon 2011: Interview with Tony Hsu for Starcraft 2

BlizzCon 2011: Interview with Jason Bender for Diablo III

My interview with FayerWayer (in English)

This week, I did a fun interview with Latin American tech blog,! The editor, Alexander Schek, selected his favorite reader-submitted questions, and I answered them to the best of my ability. Since the whole thing was translated into Spanish, some of my English-speaking Twitter friends were wondering what the interview was all about (and using Google to revert it back to English left a little lost in translation!). Here’s the full interview:

How much do you spend in technology a month?
Depends on what I need for the month! If I’m not making any huge purchases, like a new laptop, then I’d guess around $100. Usually that’s for a video game or two, or books for the Kindle.

What OS do you use and why?
I use OS X for my main laptop, and then XP for my PC gaming box. I used Windows exclusively until I went to college, and needed to use Macs for the audio and video programs for my classes. I guess I fell in love with Macs then!

Do you consider yourself to be a Geek Girl?
Of course! Wait, isn’t that why I’m here answering these questions? ;)

What are your goals for the next 20 years?
20 years is a long time to plan ahead! I’m on the 5 year plan right now. I’d love to keep doing video hosting for as long as I still enjoy it, and then maybe move into more writing at some point. Everything has happened so fast that I’m still trying to figure it all out!

Have you ever considered to collect old and vintage tech gadgets like a Commodore 64?
I have considered it a lot! I’d love to build a big collection for my house, but there just hasn’t been time. Maybe when I get a little less busy I’ll start thinking about it more. I’m really interested in vintage audio gear, too.

What do you think about Free software?
I think free is great! As long as the developer intended it to be free, that is. I don’t like it when people steal software. I try to use a lot of open source software, which isn’t always free, of course. But there are a lot of free and open source programs that can replace really expensive stuff that people might be inclined to pirate.

What is in your bag at day… What is in your bag at night?
My daytime “bag” is a huge laptop backpack. I have my 15 inch Macbook Pro, my power adapter, iPhone, T-Mobile G1 (testing it), my wallet, a few USB drives, my makeup for shoots, headphones, Kindle, and whatever other crap ends up in there throughout the day. At night I usually keep it to iPhone, wallet and keys!

What is the first thing that comes into your mind after hearing the word “google”

I think of it as a verb… “to Google.”

Did you met your boyfriend on Xbox Live?
Nope! We actually met at a cell phone conference called CTIA. He was there with Engadget, and I was still at CNET at the time. I think that’s probably nerdier than Xbox Live even :)

What is the gadget you would love to own but currently don’t have?
Part of me wants to buy a Macbook Air, just because I travel so much (I’m writing this from Amsterdam, actually) and carrying around my 15 inch laptop gets tiring. Maybe an Eee PC would be fun to, or the MSI Wind.

What is the best advice you can give to a female to be part of this geek tech world?
Just go for it! There’s really nothing stopping you. If you love geeky things, it’ll show.

Can you survive a weekend without any technology?
I’ve tried, and it usually doesn’t work very well. If I don’t have my phone near me, I get nervous!

How do you envision the Internet in 10 years from now?
By then I think everything will be online, but that goes without saying. All our devices will be networked and online, and our lives and work will all be a part of the “cloud.” We’ll be able to access our data from anywhere, and rarely save anything locally. Hopefully, it will be free for everyone by then also.

How can you spot a Geek Girl in the distance?
What an odd question! I don’t know if you can… well, maybe if I’m wearing my World of Warcraft t-shirt or using my Kindle in public. Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to tell! Hehe.

What was the weirdest Twitter you have ever written?
Well, since I can’t go too far into the past to see them all, I’ll give you the weirdest one lately! “I’m in the middle of a sheep field. It’s cold and muddy, and they’re eying me strangely.”

I was trying to keep my answers short and sweet, but if you have any other questions just let me know in the comments. Thanks again to FayerWayer! Gracias por todo!