Turn Your iPhone Into A Personal Trainer!

Sure, using your iPhone as a portable gym can’t replace everything a real live trainer can offer, but it’s a great and inexpensive way to get fit, pretty much anytime and anywhere the mood strikes you. On Today’s episode of The Sync Up, Veronica Belmont shares her favorite fitness & nutrition apps!

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Droid SMS alert on the iPhone

Ryan has been quite taken by the Droid SMS alert sound (as evidenced by the most recent gdgt podcast) so I decided it would be fitting to make it his ringtone on my iPhone when he calls.

Unfortunately, I realized after the fact that it would have been much funnier to make it the default ringtone on his phone for all calls. You can get the sound here for your own personal enjoyment.

I used MakeiPhoneRingtone after converting the .wav to .aac, but you can also use Fission, GarageBand or the myriad other methods available.

Culture of the Apps

It’s no secret that iPhone applications are a breakout hit for Apple, even beyond their own expectations. Because of this, a culture of app fanatics is popping up online, which include a slew of new podcasts and video shows that cater to people looking for the best and brightest apps out there. Frankly, with all the crap that makes it onto the App Store, I’m glad there are people out there testing these things out for us first.

Revision3 (where we produce Tekzilla) just announced a new show called AppJudgment, which also covers BlackBerry, Android and Palm Pre applications alongside the more familiar iPhone apps. Here’s the most recent episode:My friends Scott Johnson and Eric Skyhawk have also launched a new podcast called AppSlappy, which is quickly making it’s way up the iTunes charts. They cover what’s new in the App Store, hot deals of the week, and also give us their take on what apps they’ve been using lately.

Last but not least, Sean Bonner (along with a huge cast of well-known names in new media) is hosting a new show called iPhun. It’s honest, quick-paced, and sarcastically funny in the best way. They also have more in-depth written reviews on the blog, so check that out as well.

On a slightly different note, fellow Emerson alum Jared DiDomenico has a music project called Nuclear O’ Reilly with his friend Brad Naprixas, and they created their new album entirely on the iPhone application Beatmaker (iTunes link) by Intua Software. It’s called, very appropriately, Phoning It In. Worth a listen just to hear how much effort went into it, but it’s pretty damn catchy as well. Here’s their “making of” video:

As applications (and the iPhone itself) become more advanced, users will continue to find new ways to be creative with them. Time for me to go download some new ones!

Talking iPhone 3G S on CNN.com

Despite losing my voice yesterday, I rallied for an appearance on CNN.com this morning with MG Siegler, Ben Parr and Mark McClusky. We spoke about the new iPhone 3G S and if now is a good time to upgrade, our favorite apps, and if Blackberry has a chance to win hearts and minds with their new offerings.

And why am I the only lameass with a headset on? Seriously, Veronica. Get with the program.