Guest Riffing on American Thrift!


I tweeted this out last week, but I wanted to give some extra love to the RiffTrax guys for inviting me to guest star on their latest video short, American Thrift Part 1! My ultimate goal is to sell more copies than Tron, which featured Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm.

At only $.99, American Thrift is thrifty indeed! Help a girl out, we gotta take these rock stars down a few pegs.

Ernie Wade vs. Jonathan Coulton?

About an hour ago I received a very odd email:


Here’s the text if it’s too small to read:

Dear Miss Belmont,
I have noticed that you are a fan of the musician Jonathan Coulton, but you should know that he is a fraud!! My cousin Ernie wrote the song Code Monkey (as you can clearly hear from the music file I have sent you) before he passed away from liver disease (rest his soul). Please tell your readers and don’t let this lie continue!


He also sent along an MP3 of his cousin’s version, and his webpage . I grabbed a few screenshots of the site because I thought it was so funny, although it seems like it’s been up and down all day. I’m reposting the MP3 for you guys so you can take a listen:

Click to embiggen!



What do you guys think? Does Cory have something here, or is it some kind of hilarious hoax? Len from Jawbone Radio also had a similar email sent to him, so who knows! I wonder if Jonathan has anything to say about it.

Cory Wade has a Twitter!
Lusis did some research into Ernie’s background, and the parallels with Coulton.

Coulton is obviously still trying to cover this up. When will he learn that the truth must be known?! Besides, everyone knows Tom can’t sing.