Sixth Photo Meme


Len hit me with a photo meme, so I’m honor bound to continue the menace tradition. Here are the rules:

“It works like this: if you use Flickr, go to the sixth page of your photostream and pick the sixth picture there, then post it to your blog.”

OK! You see the result above, which was taken from the Halloween party at Future US, where I work to produce Qore. Seems fitting, since I’ve been playing so much Left 4 Dead and Fallout 3 that I see zombies in my dreams almost every single night. It’s becoming an issue.

Now it’s time for the fun part: tagging someone else! Here are the lucky six: Ryan Block, Tom Merritt, Casey McKinnon, Lan Bui, Ariel Waldman and Felicia Day. If you don’t carry on the meme, just know that you’ll have utterly let me down and that we may never be friends again. No pressure or anything!

Poladroid brings some “old skool” to digital photos

Last winter, the world was saddened to learn of the demise of the instant film produced by the Polaroid Corporation, which filed for bankruptcy. In spite of a resurgence of popularity by hipsters and fans (read: everyone) of the Outkast song “Hey Ya!” digital cameras have taken over the market, and people just weren’t buying Polaroid devices like they used to.

Luckily, the Poladroid project has stepped in to fill that void. The software app enables you to drag digital photos into the “camera,” which then “develops” the photos with a Polaroid-like finish. And unlike the real Polaroids, shaking the image as it develops actually has an effect! Or simply leave it alone, and watch as it slowly develops. Like a true Polaroid cartridge, you can only process ten images at a time (how quaint!).

The site has also started a Flickr group, where users post their newly-retroized images and share their feelings about the app. Currently, Poladroid beta is only available for OS X, though it appears that a Windows version is in the works. Now they just need to let you scribble on the film as it develops to leave your signature on the image, just like old times.

Not loving the new Flickr redesign

new flickr

There have been a few notable redesigns lately, but the one that I’m really not enjoying is Flickr. The interface change just hit me the other day, and I’ve been trying to come to terms with it. My eyes keep going to all the empty space on the right, which begs to have other sections dragged into it, Facebook app-style. But alas, it remains a big white rectangle of unused “Welcome” page.

I also miss the “Comments / Comments you’ve made” links, which has been replaced by “Recent Activity” (a little too “news feed” for my tastes). I’m not usually one to be anti-change, but I’m just not seeing an improvement. Are you feelin’ it?