If I were a TV station…

There is a TV station/media company (I think) in The Netherlands called Veronica. As a result, I get a lot of tweets directed at me in regards to their programming. The FriendFeeders had a little fun with the concept, and made some suggestions as to my potential network shows. Here are my favorites:

Crazy Cat Lady Hour
WoW for Fun and Profit
Find the Right Cable!
I’m on a Larp!
CSI: Hartford (Nothing ever happens)
America’s Next Top Shaman
Man vs Wild vs Belmont
Chuck’d (Each week a dumpster dive reveals what gadgets V threw out to make room for her new ones)
Deadliest Glitch
The Cat Whisperer
Bacon Today
Homemade Hipster Ham… and Friends
Devo’s Bird Watching Hour
The Awkward Situation Room
Mr Littlejeans Goes to Washington But is Tricked into a Bath
Connecticut Shore

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

A lot of people have blamed Twitter for ruining their ability to blog, but Twitter has caused the slow decline of my personal site in a different way: pressure. A while back I started using the WordPress plugin Twitter Tools, which not only shows you the updates found on the right sidebar, but also automatically publishes the title and link of the most recent blog post to my Twitter feed.

This is good for getting some visibility for the posts, of course. But it also caused an unexpected problem, in that I felt a ton of pressure to have something really valuable to say every single time I posted. Granted, we should always be trying to add value somehow with our blogs, but there is something to be said for keeping it personal and light. But if we go back to say… March of 2006, for example, I was writing all sorts of crazy stuff (and it was fun).

I want to get back to that point. This needs to get a little less serious. Twitter auto-post is officially “off” and my personal blog is about to get more personal.

Kanye West gets a “tweetposter”

kanYe West : Blog
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Kanye West is a little upset about being impersonated on Twitter. There have always been celebrity impostors on the site (and a growing number of real celebs actively using it), but Kanye seems to get a little more sensitive about this kind of thing: he’s much more hands-on with his audience than the average star, so it’s natural that he would take it a bit more personally when someone steps in on that territory.

As Twitter grows, I wonder how they’ll treat this kind of situation. Do they immediately turn over the false account, as may have been done for the also tech-saavy Al Gore? And how does a celeb (if they’re not the blogging sort, like Mr. West) prove that they’re the real deal? I guess we’ll find out shortly, depending on what Kanye decides to post in the coming days.

For additional reading about celebrities on Twitter, check out The Post-Geekdominant Twitterverse. Oh, and I’m still not convinced this is the real Luke Wilson… I mean really, a “guild run?” Does Luke Wilson play WoW? Hmmm… I guess anything is possible.